Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hedgies! Penny Black.

Decided to do a lot of texture here. Sewing, glaze, glitter, buttons, gems, popped up images, big flowers and a plastic bumble bee!

I loved these Penny Black stamps so much, I mistakenly ordered them mounted on the block and then the smaller clear ones, too!

I've been making cards lately to try my hand at selling them on ebay. Though I'm doing 'okay' I've gotta figure out how to get the potential buyers to look. I see some cards on there getting 150 to 200+ hits and mine are getting less than 40 or 50. I'm sure that the popular card sellers on ebay have a lot of return buyers who keep up with their inventory since they know their work and like it, but I think they may like mine, too ;). I'll keep plugging along, hoping that some day I'll have a similar following on Ebay! I gotta pay for this hobby somehow!


  1. Good luck with ebay! I have not checked out cards for sale there but I will! Beautiful card!

  2. I've checked out the cards on eBay before and they are nowhere near as detailed and professional as yours. I'm blown away by the quality of your cards and can see that you put a huge amount of time, effort and love into them. Would you be better selling your cards through local stores or cafes where you can probably sell them at a higher price?

  3. Your coloring is divine! Love the hedgies! ~Laurie from Clearly Delightful Blog


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