Monday, July 7, 2008

A few more creations.

I must say here, thank you so much for all your kind comments. They mean a lot to me and they are the encouragement to keep creating. As you can see, I love to use stitching, glaze and glitter. I think buttons are fantastic, too!

This card is a Crafty Secrets image. Isn't she cute? I think this image is from Eureka. A really nice big butterfly. The center of the flowers has a very course and large glitter on them.
This is one of the very first stamps I bought. A Lockhart stamp. Who doesn't love cupcakes?
Another Penny Black.
Penny Black. What a cute little bear and stamp.

Again, thanks for looking at my blog and thanks so much for the kind comments. I read them and smile!


  1. Wow! I love love love your cards! Your attention to detail is unbelievable, and I love they way they are all unique! I also noticed for the first time that you also finish the inside! Could you show us one sometime?? Great job!!!! You are truly an artist!

  2. OMG! The are so stinkin cute! Your detail is awesome and the cards are just great!

  3. Great great cards! Love everything!


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