Sunday, February 15, 2009

Get Over It!

Did you know that March 9th is National Get Over It! Day? Yep! Aren't there lots of folks you'd like to tell to Get Over It? The image here is a pig climbing over a wall.

Detes: Again, the DCWV Green Stack (great papers!). Oh, and again Third Coast stamp. A few clear buttons, gold ink, watercolored image.


  1. This is a great card!!!!! so funny!!!! Love that pig!!! Thanks for letting me know about that day....I have a few people I need to inform! haha!

  2. I'm rolling on the floor. What a great card and a hilarious day to celebrate. I definitely have some cards I could do for this one!

  3. HAHAHA, I will be sure and tell that to my boss. I am sure he will not see it in the same humorous mood as me!

    Hilarious, thanks for the laugh and the card is SUPER.



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