Sunday, October 25, 2009

Digital Delights Sneak peek

Already time for another great new set of images from Digital Delights by Louby Loo. I know you'd love to see all of what's coming, but for now all you get is a glimpse.....
You can see more peeks if you head over to Anne's and Cathy's blogs. Keep an eye on the other Digital Delights Designers blogs over the next two days for peeks from their creations. New Releases will be out on Wednesday.


  1. well, hard to tell what kind of person it is, but I do know that coming from you - your creation will be ADORABLE!!!! and knowing DD, the stamp will be super cute!

    thanks for the peek! :)

  2. My guess is an elf! :) No matter what it is, it will be adorable.

  3. What an AWESOME sneak!! I LOVE that white part, is that glitter or some type of fluff!! I LOVE how it adds texture to it!! Hope you are well!!



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