Saturday, November 7, 2009

5 year old Noah's last Christmas

Wow, was this a hard card to make! Easy in that I kept it very simple as I wanted to hurry and get it in the mail, fearing Noah won't live long enough to receive it. Noah is five, expected to die within the next several days of neuroblastoma. Because of this his family had Christmas for him this weekend and Santa came to see him. They had asked that gifts not be sent to him, as he won't be here to enjoy them. Instead send $1 in a card to the family and they will donate it to the University Of Michigan neuroblastoma research center and the Michigan Make A Wish Chapter. Of course, those that aren't comfortable with sending the dollar, can certainly make a charitable contribution directly.

Cards can be sent to:
Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountain View Circle
South Lyon, MI, 48178

His story is here.
Video of Noah here.
More Video here.


  1. Prtty card Cindy but a sad story. He is such a cute little guy.
    Thanks for making a card and for posting his address. I will send one right out too.
    True :)

  2. So sad, so unjust.... I hope he'll have a nice Christmas!! :)


  3. What a beautiful card, Cindy, but a very sad story. I cannot imagine the pain of his parents...

  4. Oh Cindy, that is just so sad. What a sweet thing you did sending this little boy a Christmas card. I'm sure he will love your moose!..


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