Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Blog Award to Accept and Give

Isn't it great how the wide world web has opened up so many friendships that we would never have had otherwise? I think about that every day.

One of those online friends, a fellow Design Team member from Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot, Beth, has very kindly given me this award!

The rules of accepting this award is to pass it on to five more deserving bloggers and to tell my readers of 10 things that make me happy.

10 things (in no particular order)
1. Creating
2. Reading other papercrafters blogs
3. Ella - 4 year old granddaughter
4. Natalie - 3 year old granddaughter
5. Autumn - 1 year old granddaughter
6. Sylvia - 1 year old granddaughter
7. Spending a lazy day at home
8. Visiting my Dad and his wife 800 miles away
9. Chatting with online friends
10. Hanging out with my kids and their families.

I'll share this today with the following five . There are certainly more I could share this with, but I've chosen these five this time and wish to thank them for their friendship and continued support and kindness.



  1. Aww..thank you so much Cindy! I appreciate your friendship and support too! You are such an inspiration for others and I'm proud to know ya! :)
    Thanks again!
    Big Hugs,


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