Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Freebie for you at Karen's Doodles

Check this out! Karen is giving away a freebie to her followers .... not just any freebie though .... your choice of a freebie!! Gonna be a tough choice, too!!

Here's what it says...

400 Follower Freebie?

Do you believe it? In only 2 months we have grown to 400 followers. This is truly incredible and I want to thank all of you! How? With a 400 follower freebie of course! But, this will not be like other freebies I have done before where I have posted an image for you. This time YOU get to PICK your OWN Image! That's right! Here are the details of how you can receive a FREE image of your choice!

1. You are a follower already
2. Become a follower before February 1st, 2010
3. Stay a follower :-) Sorry - you can't become a follower one day, receive a free image and then stop following. This free gift is for loyal followers only :-)
4. Put one of my Blinkies on your blog with a link back to Karen's Doodles (I do hope you like my images enough to keep the blinkie on your blog)

After you have completed all of these, email me at with your blog address, your follower name, and your requested image. This free offer is valid for ANY image from my site that I have posted or will post up until February 1st, 2010, except for Nutsy Fun.

****Please read my Angel Policy before requesting this free image****

Thank you again and a big hug to all of you!

Now hop over there and get yourself hooked up!!!

Don't forget to check out my previous post from today, if you haven't already... thanks!


  1. Cindy your atc's are so pretty!!! Love love love them!!!!

  2. Such great trading cards.....
    And thank you so much for the heads up about the free stamp
    Got mine and wow are they Great!


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