Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Be Inspired... push the envelope!

This week at Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot, the Be Inspired challenge is one of pushing the envelope!! Create an envelope that coordinates with your card or project.

Most of you know I usually make boxes for my cards, because they are easy and they accommodate the dimension of my cards nicely without risk of damage. For this challenge I stepped back from the simple box and made a type of envelobox. I used to use enveloboxes all the time, but even they weren't quite deep enough to allow the card to slide in without risk of snagging an embellishment or crushing the card when closed. For this envelobox the depth is perfect. I adapted a crayon box style to fit my card. The basic instructions for the crayon box was a tutorial over at Digital Delights by Louby Loo last week. I used it as a guideline and adjusted measurements to suit me.

This is how I will actually send this card, wrapped in tissue paper inside the envelobox. I Cuttlebug embossed this paper just for fun!

Here's the card this envelobox is for....

ETA: To answer a couple of questions, I am adding this picture of how I ship my cards. With the time and materials used on each card, I want to be sure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. This works best for me. This box is 6 x 6 and accommodates my 5.75 x 5.75 envelobox (5.5 x 5.5 card). Postage usually runs right around $2.25 to send; add about .50 for the box and tissue paper. Still worth it to me to assure the protection in the mail.
I buy my boxes and tissue paper at Paper Mart . These boxes are 6 x 6.


  1. This is just a gorgeous combination, outstanding!

  2. Gorgeous card - and I am loving the envelope box. I've been thinking I have to start doing the same thing as a lot of my cards are also embellishment-heavy and those flowers crush easily in a flat envelope. Thanks for sharing.

  3. WOW Cindy, talk about pushing the enveope!! This is a great way to protect those all those fab 3D details on your cards.
    do you mail them through the postal system with extra postage??

    I will have to go check out that tutorial, thanks!!

  4. This is fabulous Cindy! What size are most of your cards? I ask because you always have room for such beautiful embellishments!

  5. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  6. LOVE your beautiful box and what a SUPER gorgeous card! WOW!!!! Thanks for the great idea to cuttlebug the tissue too! Gonna check out that lik to papermart. I often get emails from them but never have looked at their products. what was I thinking??? YOU ROCK GF!!!! :)

  7. Your envelope is lovely, of course, but I had to click over from Cuttlebug Challenge blog to see YOUR entire card. I love all cards by Cindy :)

  8. Thanks for the link cindy, totaly worth the extra postage to send a masterpiece like this one :)

  9. Cindy, where are you getting all these gorgeous papers?

  10. This is fabby Cind!! I have left something for you here

  11. Oh Cindy this is just amazing! I love absolutely everything about it!

  12. WOW!!! So many gorgeous details! You did a beautiful job!


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