Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rainbow Birthday

Today we had a birthday party in the park for my granddaughter, Natalie,  turning 4 ... she is so glad to no longer be 3 and over the last few weeks was actually embarrassed that she was only 3.   As always, the kids are asked what 'theme' they want for their birthday parties and this year she chose 'rainbow'... evidently studying rainbows in preschool!  Well, rainbow decorations aren't as readily available as princesses, ladybugs, Dora, etc., so I turned to my Cricut and my Hello Kitty cartridges and made her some cupcake toppers.
Birthday girl got a super tall cupcake topper with a sunshine on top.  
Looks like she can't wait to dig into that icing!

The kids all helped Natalie's mom make rainbow cupcakes! Cute!!

I made several balloon decorations, too, but the wind was so bad that the balloons were whipping all over the place in the park and, as I was afraid might happen, the balloon decorations were a little bit heavy and kept the balloons from floating upright.  A true test to the strength of  Zots 3D glue dots - I placed one glue dot on the wood pole and stuck the balloon to it and it held up through all the wind!  These were strong winds and these were strong glue dots!

Cricut Hello Kitty Font
Cricut Hello Kitty Greetings
Zots 3D glue dots
American Crafts cardstock (cuts fantastically on the Cricut!)


  1. I think the super tall cupcake toppers are terrific. I bet your GD loved the party :)

  2. What a little cutie she is Cindy.. I am sure she was happy with all the rainbow decorations.

  3. Wow!! Great job on those!! She is such a cutie!

  4. Thanks everybody.. Blog land is full of generous Friends!! Thank you again Cindy!!

  5. I totally put my last comment on the wrong post!!.. These cupcake toppers are so cute.. Bright and cheerful!!

  6. Aww such a little cutie and the rainbow and cupcakes are great.
    Kim xXx

  7. What a great theme for Natalie's party, Cindy! I am sure she really enjoyed her party. Your cupcake toppers are fantastic:)
    Hugs, Edith

  8. All of these rainbow decorations are just adorable!! Too cute!!
    barb :)

  9. This stuff is so adorable! Happy 4th Birthday Natalie!!! She's beautiful, Cin!


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