Monday, December 27, 2010

Thank You card, Rose Gypsy cut file

Christmas is over and now it's time to send out those Thank You cards.  I made this one really quick tonight because I wanted to share the rose file with you.  Brown roses?... I know.... I really just wanted to share the file with you and figured you wouldn't mind.

This is what it looks like when you cut it.  There are 3 sizes on the file.

Separate the image around the cut... it doesn't cut entirely through and needs a little coaxing.  Do this gently so as not to rip it.

Using your quilling tool or a needle, toothpick, skewer, etc., start at the outside end and roll it.
Continue rolling the flower strip around your tool.  It's not going to look all the great or even neat, but keep going.  You'll see in the end it will be just fine!
All rolled around the tool.
Slide it off the tool and let it loosen a little, still holding onto it.  Turn it over and place a quick drying glue or glue dot just inside the coil and stick the end of the tail over it.  Hot glue works best here.

Here I've set it down and haven't glued it yet. I can easily shape it or make it a little tighter before I glue it. 

Here's the three of them from the cut file together.  I added some quilled strips pinched at one end to form leaves.  I like the way this brown paper bag paper from the Paper Temptress rolls even if roses aren't supposed to be brown.

The Paper Temptress Jupiter Red Stardreams, Brown Bag, Tartan Green Felt Grandee.
American Crafts Red Cardstock (cardbase)
Cuttlebug Machine and Thanks cuttlebug folder and Polka Dots embossing folder
Cricut Expression, Gypsy, Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, Provo Craft Quilling tool

Rolled rose Gypsy cut file can be downloaded HERE.

I noticed that there were nearly 200 downloads of the Tissue Box.  I would love to see what you've been working on with that cut file as well as the rolled rose one.  Please take a minute to share with us.... link it below....


  1. such a pretty flower, I love how they look quilled!

  2. Thank you for the file! I am going to make some tomorrow night and I'll link a pic.

  3. Those flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Happy New Year,

  4. So very pretty! Hey, if black roses can be in style, why not brown too?! :-)

  5. Great info Cindy! Thank you and Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you for sharing this file Cindy. I love the roses!

  7. Beautiful brown roses ;) !! Does this mean you have a brown thumb?? Thanks for sharing the G file with us; I'm just starting to try to learn how to use my new G & I'll want to give these roses a try as soon as I'm ready...

    :) HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

  8. I love these roses. however I do not have a gypsy. I do have the design studio. was wondering if you make the cut files for DS. Thank you

  9. this is lovely, looks great in brown paper. Many thanks for the file


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