Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Whatcha doin' tonight? EDITED - WIN A YUDU

Edited 12/09/10: The webshow is over and it was great fun (you can watch it here). Provo Craft is giving Heidi a Yudu to give away (random drawing from comments on her blog post). If comments reach 1200 they will give her 2 Yudus to give away.... 1500 comments gets 3 Yudus! With each Yudu, Heidi is adding a $100.00 gift certificate! Wow!

If you are a Circle member and win, more loot gets added.  For you Circle members, there's also a complete Yudu set being given away at the Circle Blog... check it out!

One more thing......  20% discount at  Creative Express!!!  From now until Dec. 15, get 20% off at by typing in the code: blog20% - you fill find all Provo Craft supplies as well as other manufacturers.

Want to see some fun ideas from the ever amazing Heidi Swapp?  Tune in tonight at 10 EST to see her in action right HERE.  She's showing cool candle tricks and some Yudu projects!  She's really awesome. She'll be giving away a Yudu!  What a great prize!!

Circle members... 
If a Cricut Circle Member wins, Provo Craft will be adding the foil, flocking, glitter, glue and 70 mesh screen to the prize!

See you there!

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  1. Thanks for reminding us of all the ways we can win...last night was a blast! It was the 1st time I've participated in a Live Stream...apparently I need to come out from under the rock I've living under ;)


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