Thursday, January 20, 2011

Got flu?

Flu season is upon us and I’m sure someone you know will come down with the flu . Though I certainly don’t wish anyone to get the flu, I’ll be ready when someone does.

I cut the lettering and the red cross from red vinyl. Quick, easy and looks perfect!

Let's remove the lid .....

and take a peek inside.....

Of course, you need a card... something simple, just to write a note inside and wish them well.....

Then there's a mug, with some hot chocolate mixes and some tea bags.

I decided to etch the mug with a snowflake, having an Rx in the center... doctor's orders ....

and then add a tag to it....

Next I have a tissue pack. Unfortunately this little pack probably won't be enough for the duration of the flu. I didn't want it to be without coordinating embellishment, so I cut a bag to put it in and added a snowflake to the front.

Here we have the ever important anti-bacterial hand soap .... does that look like a germ trapped behind the 'no' circle?

That leaves an idea notebook.... if this goes to a paper-crafter, you know they will have all kinds of ideas going through their head about what they will be creating soon. In this they can sketch, write, doodle their thoughts. The title of the notebook can always be changed to something more appropriate for your patient! (don't forget to put a pencil in the can)

So here's all the pieces, ready to go into the can. Use chocolates and candies as fillers!

Add a couple of ribbons/strings to the handle, embellished with similar images as the goodies inside.....

For the contents of my kit, I chose a few necessities! A card to tell the person to get better, some tissues, a mug with some hot cocoa mix and green tea, some hand sanitizer, an idea notebook (to keep track of that creative inspiration) and, of course, some candies.

Other items you might want to include could be a dinner bell to ring for assistance, a magazine or two (preferably crafty ones if your patient is a crafter), canned soup or instant soup mix, cough drops, etc. I’m sure you can come up with all kinds of things, depending on who it will go to.

Of course, you can always just send a get well card, but why not take the time to make a kit, decorate the components and bring a smile to your patient’s face? And if your patient is a scrapper, I bet these fronts, tags, and embellishments end up on a scrap page once they feel better.

Gypsy hand held design device
Cricut Expression
Cricut Alphalicious cartridge (‘no’ circle)
Cricut Robotz cartridge (ideas, lightbulb)
Cricut Mini Monsters cartridge (germ)
Cricut Tie the Knot cartridge (tag base, snowflakes)
Cricut Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge (Doctor’s bag, stethoscope)
Cricut George and Basic Shapes cartridge (Rx)
Cricut Once Upon a Princess cartridge (tissue bag)
Cricut Lyrical Letters cartridge (red cross on can)
Cricut Cindy Loo cartridge (flu survival kit letters)
Cricut Gypsy Wanderings (square with arrow on card)

American Craft Cardstock (Red, Teal, White, Grey, Silver Foil)
Patterned paper - Echo Park Everybody Loves Christmas
Cricut Vinyl, Red
White acrylic paint
Blue stamp ink
Black Gel Pen
Letter Stamps
Coordinating ribbon/strings for handle and tag



  1. What an absolutely adorable set! I've felt like I'm coming down with something for several days now--but it hasn't I could make this and give it away, rather than use it myself! Stop by and see all the fun stuff coming up on One By One The Flamnigos Are Stealing My Sanity at when you have time!

  2. Awesome project! I think the notebook is my favorite bit, but everything is wonderful. TFS!

  3. this is SUCH a great idea! I love the thought and detail you put into each piece.

  4. What an great idea!!! My little ones are starting to get sick; that means Mom's turn will come soon. Thanks for the idea, I love it!!! :)

  5. So cute Cindy.. I think I need one of those kits

  6. Oh my goodness, Cindy! I would almost consider infecting myself with the flu just to receive this! LOL! You are so creative... love everything about this survival kit!

  7. They won't be sick for long with that very thoughtful gift. Super great idea. Thanks for sharing and stay well.

  8. Cindy, this is just too cute and so practical. If I had the flu, I would love to get this, I'm sure it would make me feel better ASAP!
    Thanks for sharing.
    LizW in TX

  9. This is one of the best projects I've seen using Cricut! I am amazed at your creativity. What a great project and gift for someone who's ill. They'll feel better just getting this.

  10. This is just awesome! My fave. is the antibacterial bottle! That just made my day and it does look like a nasty germ!

  11. This is fabulous!!! What a CUTE CUTE CUUUUTE set! It's absolutely perfect! :)
    Thank you for the files :)

  12. Cindy - this is simply adorable! Love all the details. Fantastic job! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. I'll be featuring this today - stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Stephanie Lynn

  13. Such a cute idea! I'm sitting here thinking my head is going to explode due to a sinus cold....I would love a cute little bucket like this. When I feel better I'll have to put one together. Thanks for posting! :) DIY Thrifty Thursday!

  14. Cindy, this has got to be one of the cutest projects...ever!!!! Can you imagine how great it would feel to be able to present something like this to someone when they're feeling so yucky???!! I swear, you're the best!

  15. I'm suddenly not feeling well.....My address is 2536....

  16. I love these ideas. Just wondering if you have Design Studio cut files? I would like to have the rolled rose if you make it in the design studio. Thank you

  17. As far as I know, you can open Gypsy files in Design Studio and then save them as DS files to use with DS.


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