Monday, March 7, 2011

Dallas Stampede Class sign up

Today the sign ups start for the classes at the Dallas Stampede! Here's what I'll be teaching. There's two different times available.  Classes are limited so if you want to attend, go sign up now....


Happy 5th Birthday to the Cricut Expression!!  In honor of the Cricut Expression’s birthday, we are going to make a cake!  We will be turning a battery powered tealight candle into a sweet little cake that is good enough to eat! Of course, we will be making a custom box to take your cake with you!  We can't stop there though, we need a table-top banner to proudly display at the Cricut Stampede! Since it’s a party, Provo Craft will be giving away a Cricut Birthday Bash Cartridge to each student.

  Texas Cricut Stampede, sponsored by the Cricut Circle.  

Stampede Classes Information

Hope to see you there!!!!


  1. What cute projects! Love them all!

  2. Cindy -- I signed up exactly at 8 am this morning for your 1 pm class on Friday, March 18th! Cannot wait to meet you in person...

    Do we each need a cricut to cut items or will they be pre-cut? (We're trying to decide what to pack!)

  3. Yay! Looking forward to meeting you, too! Everything will be pre-cut. There will be some paper trimming for basic strips.

    So you don't need a Cricut for the classes, but you'll probably want it if you plan on cropping when not in class.

  4. I took this class at the Stampede and had a blast. I hope I get the opportunity in the future to take another class with you as the instructor..and you were so sweet and patient with us, even talking to us after class! Thanks for being one of the things that made the Stampede so much fun for me!


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