Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On the road again....

Well I'm off, back on the road to Maine. This trip will include myself, my daughter and three of my granddaughters.  I thought I'd have a little fun and created some vinyl images to put on the van windows.  This way everyone outside knows what we're dealing with inside! 

The pictures aren't very clear, but I have to say the vinyl came out great and look pretty good on the windows.  I applied them to the far back windows so as not to obstruct any vision while driving.

While the reason for our journey is to bury my mother, who died April 11, we are looking forward to the family gathering and just being in Maine.  It's our favorite place.  We'll be staying on Deer Isle, but Mom will be buried on an island 6 miles out in the ocean called Isle au Haut.  She grew up on there. The island is beautiful.  My grandparents are buried there and that's where she wanted to be buried as well, so we are fulfilling her wishes.    We have a very small family cemetery behind the church you see in this LINK of Isle au Haut pictures. 

The one room school house just celebrated it's 100th anniversary a couple of weeks ago.  Mom went to school there.  Right now there are 3 students at the school.

When the lighthouse was a working lighthouse, my great-grandfather was the light-keeper.  Such a great place with a great family history!   Population is about 50 year round, with a few dozen more during the summer.   

Re: Vinyl Images:  Lettering is from Cricut Learning Curve cartridge and the speech bubbles are from Paper Pups.


  1. Oh Cindy I am so sorry about the loss of your mom.... My prayers will be with you my friend. I love what you did to the windows. I am sure you will have a lot of people looking... have a safe trip. I am so sad for your loss. love and hugs from Ukiah

  2. I think I should make those to put on a hat... as that is what my kids say all the time too. LOL Enjoy your trip as much as possible. Your mom sounds like she had an interesting life and raised a great gaughter.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us! I am about to go click on the island and what fantastic family history! I think it will be a very special trip for all of you.

  4. I remember when your mother died. You told us about the Memorial Service. What a beautiful setting! Drive safely!

    I got a chuckle out of your vinyl signs! That is what happens when you get a bunch of girls together!

  5. I am back from visiting your link to the island... what a beautiful quaint place!! Have a super safe and as fun trip as you can! ~prayers

  6. Thank you for sharing your very interesting family history and the link. What a beautiful place! May God give you traveling mercies and give comfort to you and your family. Pat

  7. Your car will be a real hit on the roads for sure. Have a safe journey.

  8. What a funny idea with that vinyl.. I'm sure you'll be the talk of the road all the way there. :) I will keep you in your family in my thoughts while you're in Maine. xoxo

  9. The van looks terrific! I'll bet you'll get lots of fun comments at rest stops from strangers.

    So sorry about your mom's passing. You certainly have had more than your share of funerals the past few years. Sending you a big hug!


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