Friday, September 2, 2011

Cricut 5th Anniversary Promotion

Have you heard about the  5th anniversary promotion of  the Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition?   Click on the image below for details.

Good luck to those that enter. Have a great, safe holiday weekend!


  1. How sad.. I have about 5 of the carts. and you have to have brought them after the 1st of Sept.. :-( hugs from ukiah

  2. Thanks for sharing Cindy, but I like Sandy have a question:
    I purchased all qualifying products within seconds or days of their release... what option do people in my situation have?... is it to send a self stamped address envelope like for those that don't want to purchase anything?
    If you could ask someone at ProvoCraft it will be very much appreciated if you shared the answer.
    Thanks in advance Cindy!


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