Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another quick ornament

Every year for the last few decades I've made personalized ornaments for family and friends.  Each year more and more children are added to these families, making my ornament list quite long.  I've finally given up and resorted to family ornaments for the large families, rather than individuals. 

For this ornament, I started with a large glass ball.  I typed out lines of the individuals names on regular copier paper and cut them into strips about 1/4" x 7" then curled them loosely and dropped them into the ornament along with a couple of small sprigs I cut off a greenery pick.     This ornament has one strip of paper for each of the family's 9 grandchildren and 1 strip with the year 2011 on it.  

For easier giving of the ornament, I used my Cricut Expression 2 and the Cricut Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge and cut out a cupcake stand to sit it on.  A quick SRM sticker on the front of the stand and it's ready to go.  Kind of looks like a snow globe!

 This one was super fast! Not quite as fast as this one that I used an SRM sticker on the ornament itself.


  1. I totally have adored your ornaments. They are so elegant and beautiful. I cheated and used the 2 piece plastic one from Michaels which I saw on another blog. I just posted it on my blog, please stop by and check it out if you get a chance:


  2. Wow this is fabulous!!! So quick and fun and great for large families!!! Thanks for this idea! Love the idea of the box too!

  3. Love the simplicity in this and yet how it's still meaningful and personal! Fantastic.


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