Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Random Act (Craft) of Kindness

It's the holiday season and I think, for the most part, we all try to be a little more giving.  I try to, as best as time will allow.  I'm fortunate enough to be creative and to have all my fabulous creative supplies, so with that alone I have a head start on a Random Act of Kindness or Random Craft of Kindness this holiday season.

We all know crafters are an enthusiastic, giving bunch of people and in light of this, ProvoCraft is having a Random Craft of Kindness contest on Facebook.  I hope this inspires you to enter.  You could win a  Cricut Expression® 2.  

I'm sharing today what I've done so far this season.  I hope to do more.  There's a nursing home just a block or two from my home and I drive by it several times a day, going to and from work and errands.  Every time I drive by it, I give it a quick glance and smile, as I think of my Mom.  As most of you know, Mom died back in April. This nursing home reminds me of Mom because her last few years were spent in a similar facility.  Fortunately, the nursing home she was entrusted to in Maine was a great facility and staffed with people that really cared about her, including family and friends. While she was a substantial distance away from me, she had the good fortune to be near her sisters, as well as other family members.  She was watched over by them.  Even though she was visited often and cared for, I know that there are many in the nursing homes that are not afforded the same and it can be a very lonely life for them, especially during the holidays.

Because of that, this holiday season I've made up several cards and have taken them to this local nursing home.  I've asked the staff to distribute them as they see fit, whether it be to residents that don't receive cards or to residents that would like to give a card to someone special.  I'm sure they know who will get the most happiness from them.

I used just two different card designs and made several of each.  These cards are probably the most 'clean and simple' I've ever done.   I kept them simple because I made a dozen of them and if time allows, as we get closer to Christmas, I can easily make a dozen more.

They were quick to create with the Cricut Craft Room, my Imagine machine, Imagine Snow Angel cartridge and Cricut Scandinavian Cards cartridge.  The card bases were cut from Scandinavian Cards cartridge, flood filled with patterns from the Snow Angel Cartridge.  Quick cutting and assembling then a little embellishment with ribbon, 3D paint and the ever handy SRM Stickers sentiments.

I stacked twelve of them and tied them up in green string, adding another Imagine cut ornament and ribbon with more SRM stickers.  Nothing too elaborate, but still in the holiday spirit.

Are you doing any Random Act (Craft) of kindness this holiday season?  Be sure to enter the Cricut Random Craft of Kindness Contest on  Facebook  Can't wait to see what you've done to brighten someone's holiday.

ETA:  Don't think that even the smallest RAK isn't worth the effort.  A couple of days after delivering these cards to the nursing home, I got a call from a volunteer there that also volunteers at another local nursing home asking if I could make more for the other nursing home.  Absolutely! 


  1. I really like the clean and simple look of these cards. I'm sure the recipients will enjoy them. What a nice idea !

  2. Beautiful ornament cards!! Love the backgrounds, colors and the ornament shapes!!

  3. What a fun and thoughtful project! I know all of the beautiful cards will be appreciated!

  4. I love the idea of a Random Act of Craft Kindness. Also, I'm happy to be able to create designs and get them all ready to cut using the Craft Room, while I am away from home helping out family.

  5. Oh wow! I am so doing this! The cards are simple yet look so nice with the Imagine papers and ornaments.

    Sue J.

  6. Hi Cindy,

    That is so sweet. Bless your heart. I'm sure those people will really enjoy those cards. Have a blessed Holiday, Love, Thelma

  7. Really love the simplicity and the RAK. Think I will have to visit the nursing home in my town. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Holidays.


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