Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Little Pointer

Horrors of all horrors, Ella still can't find her 'pointer' and it's driving her crazy having to teach her class with a yardstick.  Ella is 6 years old and she has always loved to teach, from the day they started formally teaching her in daycare.  It's probably her most favorite activity, whether she's by herself or with her cousins.  It used to be, when she was 3 and 4, that she would line up a couple dozen of whatever she could find... tupperware containers, paper cups, etc., and they were her students.  She would name them all similar to her current classmates at daycare and teach them.  Now that she's a big 1st grader, she's content with setting up her easel board and grabbing her pointer and teaching her kids without a physcial representation of them.  She grabs her pointer and some flashcards she's created and teaches.... and scolds.... and waits, hands on hips for them to quiet down.

Well, she lost her pointer months ago and every weekend when she comes to stay, she asks if I've seen her pointer yet.   What's a teacher without a pointer?  Powerless, I guess.  Without fail, she again asked me this morning, so when she was busy doing something else, I went to my Imagine and Imagine More Cards cartridge, grabbed a dowel and some Helmar 450 glue.  Within just a very few minutes I had created her a new pointer. 

This is the pointer she lost... the red one.    She's quite pleased with her new pointer.  I wrapped a ribbon around the wrist to make it a bit more special and I won't be surprised if we end up glitter polishing the fingernails.

To create the pointer, I broke the image into layers and deleted all but the finger.  I created 2 of the finger image, flipping one so I could match them up against each other, print sides facing out.  Before I cut them, I changed the outline color to a burgundy color.  They were then wrapped/adhered around the end of the dowel. 

The pointer in action, teaching the class about the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday............ 

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  1. Lol.. And what a pointer she has now... Very creative

  2. What a super fun and lovely idea.

  3. Wow that is a kewl pointer, now you need a picture with Ella using the pointer,


  4. So creative to make her "replacement" pointer better than the original! :)

  5. fantastically cute story, and ingenious 'pointer!' love this craft!


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