Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank You!

To all my readers I want to say thank you for always stopping by, but today, I want to say thank you especially to the Cricut Circle members. I'm posting this card from early in the Circle Blog, November, 2010.    Most of you know that the Circle, as we know it, is changing and with the change comes the demise of the Cricut Blog, Circle Blog, and Circle Magazine Design Teams.   It was a grand couple of years for me and I hope to come across something as great to fill that void.  You all were amazing friends and fellow crafters and I will miss reading all your comments on the blogs.   Today is the end and I've posted my last post on the Circle Blog titled We Shore Had Fun, and yes, we sure did! 

Card base approximately 5.5 x 7, center panel is 4 x 5.5.  This card is not only really big, it's really heavy with many layers.

Cricut Expression
Gypsy Handheld Device
Martha Stewart All Occasions Cake Art cartridge (banners)
Cricut Storybook cartridge (ornate corners)
Straight From the Nest cartridge (leaves, flowers)
Cuttlebug Machine and Oriental Weave Folder
American Crafts Cardstock (White, Orange,Yellow, Green, Magenta)
Echo Park patterned paper (Happy Halloween)
Buttons, Cotton string, Smooch Spritz Vanilla Shimmer, Thank You stamp, Color Box Ink


  1. The card is gorgeous! Thank you, for sharing your talent with the Circle Blog. I look forward to seeing all your new creations on your blog! This not is 'see you later'!

  2. Beautiful the colours and layers. I agree...I'll sure be missing the Circle blog! Lee-Ann :)

  3. Good luck with whatever comes next Cindy, I am sure you will have opportunities galore. Love this card, do you remember when we met in Orlando, I was really taken with, not only the design of your cards, but also the weight. They FELT classy!
    Big hugs
    Enfys x

  4. I love this. I have bookmarked so many of your projects for my ides inspirations that I think you dominate my list! lol
    Thank you Cindy. For your creativity and you. I will continue to follow you. With you abilities, I don't think you will have that long to wait before the next opportunity presents itself. I am so thrilled that I met you not once, but twice; and that I had the opportunity to actually TOUCH your creations. They blow me away. The quality, the weight, the finish details; amazing.
    You are wonderful and I hope I get to meet you again.

  5. THANK YOU!!!! You have provided so much inspiration to me over the past few years. As I was going through the blog and saving projects that I don't want to take the chance on losing in the future, many of yours were safely saved to my computer to work on. Now I'll have more from you at your blog.

    Thank God for Pintrest....I'd never be able to keep all this inpiration straight on my


  6. I am a follower subscriber and will keep up with you on your blog but I am sooo going to miss the Cricut blog, the Circle Blog and the Circle Magazine. I thank you for being such a great teacher at the Stampede in Dallas and for giving us all such encouragement, support and inspiration.

  7. I think we were so lucky to have the wonderful DT we had at the Cricut Circle. You have been such an inspiration and enabler to me. I can name at least 4 carts I would have never purchased if not for your creative talents! :) I and the other Circle members always appreciated your amazing talents. I know I will miss my daily dose of creative happiness from the Circle Blog. I will continue to follow you, be enabled by you and mostly inspired by your creativity. Thank you so much.
    Colleen (gonescrappin)

  8. Cindy you and all the DT and magazine members will be greatly missed. I loved the blog and found so much inspiration in it, plus the gypsy files are awesome!!! Hopefully you ladies will still post on your own blogs so we can still visit you all. Thanks so much for an awesome 2 years!!

  9. I'm so sad to see the Circle changes. I follow your blog so I'll still be able to see your amazing work.

  10. So what are we still going to get for our circle $$$?
    I have not been able to make any of the swarms do to locations and dates. Not that impressed with the cartridges. Is it a total bust for the ones that have been here???

    P.s. will you still send out your royal things. E-mail?
    I have learned a lot from you

  11. I so enjoyed your creativity and will miss the circle blogs.

  12. Cindy
    You were one of my favorite designers on the circle blog. You are amazing and I can't wait to see what else you create. Thank you for all the inspiration the past two years!!! You will always be a circle sister to me!!! xoxo Diennia aka LuvmyE&G

  13. Cindy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all your inspiring projects on Circle. I will miss it and everything that came with it! See you back here soon...

  14. Hi Cindy, I am going to miss the Circle blog too!! But I am happy to be able to follow you here. I'm sure you will find something new that is great for you. I love your energy and your creativity. Thank you for all you have shared with us in the Circle. Warmest Regards, Colleen Sigurdson (AKA Lilygirl)

  15. Hi Cindy, I am going to miss the Circle blog too!! But I am happy to be able to follow you here. I'm sure you will find something new that is great for you. I love your energy and your creativity. Thank you for all you have shared with us in the Circle. Warmest Regards, Colleen Sigurdson (AKA Lilygirl)

  16. Oh Cindy, it's so sad. There is no other way to describe it. I was one of the original members and the blog and magazine are what we all loved. Much more than the cartridges. You, Jana, Michelle and the rest of the design team are why we kept coming back. You are such a brilliant designer that there was no way we could miss anything you created. We are blessed that you have your own personal blog and although the Circle is no longer worth the price of admission, we can still see what ya'll are up to with all of the wonderful projects you will "continue to share"... Hint... Hint... We love "All Ya'll"! (Thats how we say it here) and thank you sincerely for all of your hard work and beautiful inspiration. You are right... "We shore had fun", but thankfully it's no over. Just in a different form like all of those beautiful Royal Cards I have been able to admire for years, before the circle even existed. Big Bug Hug from Cricut Couple!

  17. Great card Cindy. So rich colors. And for sure it was a fun ride. You are amongst my favorite designers. And meeting you in person was such pleasure.

  18. Oh, Cindy, the thanks goes to you. I loved seeing whatever creative thing your mind came up on the blog or in the magazine! I have signed up for email notification on this blog so I don't miss another thing!

    This was a lovely tribute and perfect project!

  19. I 2nd, 3rd, 4th...etc...all the comments as to how much you've inspired us circlets. You were indeed a favorite of mine as well, and I've signed up for your emails too. I don't get a chance to blog hop often so I'm just hearing about this. So sad!! But thank you for continuing on your blog. You are indeed lovely!


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