Thursday, September 13, 2012

Basket of Acorns

Stopping in today to share a fall project.

My pattern papers were printed on the Imagine using Ancestry and Enjoy the Seasons. I made my paper double sided pattern paper.  The acorn cap underside has the pattern matching the band around the basket and I used the same pattern for the inside of the acorns as the outside, except I printed it in draft quality.

There’s just a little bit of scoring to do.  The body and the cap have only the glue tabs to be scored.  I didn’t put an actual glue tab on the cap; just score from the center hole out to about 1/2 inch from the edge.   Score veins on the leaf if desired and glue over cap seam.   All there’s left to do is run a ribbon through the holes and pull tight (don’t forget to put a treat inside).

Once you have it secured you pull the ribbon through the cap and loosely tie it to secure it, but allow it to be removed without difficulty.

The basket is super quick and easy.

It’s made from a section of the Ice Cream Cone box on the Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge.  I then ran a strip of patterned paper (1/2 x 11″)  layered on cardstock (5/8 x 11″) around the middle to complete the basket look.

I did use the appropriate cupcake insert from the cartridge, but I “hid” the center hole. I just wanted a stage for inside the basket to lift my acorn treats up.  It can be left out and more acorns put in if desired.


Cricut Expression Electronic Cutting Machine
Gypsy Handheld Design Device
Cricut Imagine Machine
Cricut Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge
Cricut Flower Shoppe cartridge
Cricut George and Basic Shapes cartridge
Imagine Enjoy the Seasons art cartridge
Imagine Ancestry colors and patterns cartridge
Adhesives:  Helmar Acid Free glue, Helmar Premium Craft Glue
Misc: Cardstock (white, green, brown), ribbons, small candies, scoring tools, sewing supplies.

You can easily change the the colors and tops and make strawberries. 


  1. Love this! That paper is beautiful!

  2. How cute is this! To turn a strawberry into an acorn and such wonderful fall colors! Fab project

  3. How cute! I just love this. Love the colors too.

  4. These are great....can i ask what template you used for the acorn?


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