Sunday, August 17, 2014

2 Zebra Stripes, no Zebras, birthday party

We had Ella's 9th birthday party this weekend and it had been a few years since she has had a party so we tried to make it super special for her.  She chose the theme of zebra stripes, black and pink, but no zebras.  I had no idea how much stuff was out there in zebra stripes!  It's everywhere!

A quick banner for the birthday girl.  I started with a blank banner and cut the vinyl wording in removable vinyl so it can be changed to suit the next party or occasion. No zebra stripes on it.  It was a last minute creation and I didn't have the time or vinyl to make it fit in with the theme.

 While I was finishing up the cake decorating, Ella and daddy were finishing up the balloons.... 50+ helium balloons.

The cake and cupcakes!  I can't remember the last time I baked a cake.  Decades ago, I'm sure, and even then it was always sheet cakes, never layers, never nicely decorated.  This one scared me, but I wanted to give it a go for Ella. 

Stripes inside, too!  Wasn't sure if they came out or not until the cake got cut!  Looks like stripes to me!

Goodie bags with the kids names on them and put some of their name stickers inside, too.

Just a few of the zebra striped gifts!

....and the zebra striped pinata.  Almost forgot she asked for a pinata so had to make this for her.  First time making a pinata.  Wasn't difficult but did take a couple of hours.

She had a great birthday! and I'm glad to be done shopping and thinking in zebra stripes!

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  1. Cindy, looks like your little girl had a perfect party! The cake is amazing! Love all the Zebra stripes decorations and extras! Fantastic!

  2. Your imagination and inspiration are phenominal. Everiything looks so professional. Are you sure you are not a baker or party planner with baking skills. Love the whole thing.

    Dianne Bell -