Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sewing more ....

Happy Fall!  Must admit it doesn't feel like it here as it's really hot!  Have been spending a bit of time outside watching my oldest granddaughter play travel and school softball.  I love watching the games; reminds me of when my daughters were on all their travel and school teams.

When not at a game or at work, I've been spending my time at the sewing machine.  I had made a drawstring backpack for the above mentioned granddaughter to tote her team uniforms back and forth and after tweaking that backpack and trying a couple more, I settled on what I think is a useful and extremely roomy bag.  I've got several more planned with some fun fabrics I have, just looking for the time.    Here's some of the bags I've completed.  More on my etsy site

This backpack is great for many reasons, but my oldest granddaughter's other grandmother is a breast cancer survivor so this is pretty special to her.   Would be nice for many outings, but very appropriate for the many trips to doctors when fighting this disease.

There's plenty of room inside but I added a big pocket on the outside.

Inside has a smaller pocket suitable for a cellphone or wallet and a hang tab for a key ring or sunglasses - things you don't want to hit bottom and have to fish around for later.


Wouldn't the one on the left be fun for a trip to the zoo!? This one on the right has fabric called fireflies and really pretty in person

 I just finished this gorgeous asian fabric one above and the bright flower one below.

I also have one with green spots (great for Halloween trick or treating) and one in Batik blues/greens on etsy.  Hoping to add one or two new ones every week.   They'll make nice Christmas gifts.   If you are looking for one in a certain theme or color, let me know; I may have something you like.

I've also added  a couple more coaster sets to my store.

You may notice I've titled my etsy shop, Made by G.   Almost all of my sewing has been for my grandkids that call me G, so it just seemed logical to continue the it's 'made by G' into my shop.



Thanks for looking and I hope all is well in your world.

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